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Friends of Science: “Renewables are not so doable”

The Digital Journal — November 26, 2013

The global warming and climate science review organization Friends of Science released a report entitled “Renewable is Not So Doable“, calling on the City of Calgary to rescind its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction plan. The city’s plan was developed by the Pembina Institute, a renewable energy think-tank, and was based on “Climate change and its local and global impacts …”

“Canada revoked its endorsement of Kyoto last year. What is the reason for our city and provincial government to contravene a Federal Policy?” asks Len Maier, President of Friends of Science, a retired engineer and tree farmer.

This month the province of British Columbia closed its scandal-plagued Pacific Carbon Trust.

Likewise, at the Warsaw COP-19 Climate Conference, enthusiasm for climate change GHG reduction targets appears to be waning. Australia is being labelled as ‘anti-climate‘ by various world media, for not sending a representative and repealing its carbon tax.

The Friends of Science report challenges climate change assumptions.

“The City of Calgary has three major climate related plans – PlanIt, ImagineCalgary and the Community GHG Reduction Plan,” says Ken Gregory, research director of Friends of Science. “All of these are falsely premised on carbon dioxide from human use of fossil fuels causing global warming. Global warming stopped in 1998. Despite a continuing rise in carbon dioxide there’s been no global warming in 16 years. These programs should be rescinded.”

Alberta’s installed wind capacity forced EnMax, the city owned electrical utility, to build a $2 billion gas power plant to manage the capacity of ‘free’ wind power; wind power being a key recommendation in the GHG reduction plan.

“The City of Calgary’s steep GHG reduction targets do not reflect current scientific evidence on climate change, or cost-benefit evaluations of renewables,” says Gregory.

In September 2013, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation revealed Freedom of Information and Privacy files that showed the City of Calgary had paid the Pembina Institute some $341,000 to prepare a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction plan.

Pembina Institute prepared a report for the Ontario government entitled “Plugging Ontario into a Green Future: A Renewable is Doable Action Plan” in 2008.

Ontario implemented many recommendations for wind and solar in their Green Energy Act. The province has since been faced with dramatic increases in energy costs to consumers and increasingly angry protests against wind turbines.  Continue reading, here……


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One Comment on “Friends of Science: “Renewables are not so doable””

  1. 1957chev November 26, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    Wow….Calgary will be a good place to live, if they can keep the turbines away!

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