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Updated list of things caused by global warming

** Note that in every single fearmongering example below, it always says, “might”, “could”, “maybe”, “would”, “some day”, etc.   The original list was obtained from this site, but I’m going to keep adding to it, as every day, I get another Google alert about the next thing that’s going to be catastrophically affected.  My question is, “Why is there never anything positive listed as a result of global warming?”

AIDSAfghan poppies destroyedAfrican holocaustaged deaths,  Africa devastated, African weather system intensified,  Air France crashair pockets,  air pressure changesairports flooded,   airport malaria,  Alaskan town destroyed, algae blooms – toxicAl Qaeda and Taliban Being Helpedallergy increaseallergy risk,  allergy season longeralligators in the ThamesAlps melting Amazon a desertAmazon deforestation, amphibians breeding earlier (or not),  


ancient forests dramatically changedanimals head for the hills, animals shrink,  Antarctic currents slowed,  Antarctic grass flourishesAntarctic gains weightAntarctic ice growsAntarctic sea life at risk,   anxiety apples lose crunchiness and tartness, apricot crops destroyed, archaeological sites threatened, Arctic bogs meltArctic in bloom, Arctic ice free by 2010,  Arctic ice free by 2012,  Arctic ice free by 2013, Arctic ice free by 2014, Arctic Ice collapse by 2016Arctic ice free by 2020 or 2060 or 2025 or 2035. Arctic ice melt faster,  Arctic tundra lost,  Arctic not warming because of Global warmingArkansas tornado,  artwork threatened,  a rose by any other name smells of nothing, asteroid strike riskasthma increases,  Atlantic less salty,  Atlantic more salty,   atmospheric circulation modified, attack of the killer jellyfish, avalanches lessen – avalanches increase,  


babies altered  , Bahrain under water, bamboo, bananas increase, bananas decrease,  barbarisation, bats decline beer and bread prices to soarbeer better beer worse,  beer more expensivebeetle infestationbeef shortage,  big melt faster,  billion homelessbillions face riskbillions of deaths,  bird loss accelerating, bird populations dying,  bird visitors drop,  birds decline (Wales)birds face longer migrationsbirds on long migrations threatened birds return earlybirds shrink(Aus)birds shrink (USA)bittern boom ends,  bigger blizzards blood contaminatedblue mussels return


borders redrawn brains shrink,  bridge collapse (Minneapolis),  Britain one big cityBritain will have Siberian climate, Britains gardens wiped outBritish monsoon,  brothels strugglebubonic plague,  Buddhist temple threatened,  bushfires,   butterflies move northbutterflies reeling, endangered butterfly saved, 


caribou calvesCambodian sex trade fuelledcamel deathscancercannibalism,  cataractscats more amorouscaterpillar biomass shiftcave paintings threatened,  chagas disease,  children’s mental health, chipotle ruined,  chocolate covered strawberries,  chocolate shortageCholera, christmas treescircumcision in declinecirrus disappearancecivil unrestcloud increase,  clownfish get lost


coast beauty spots lostcockroach migration, cod go south,  coffee threatenedcoffee berry borercoffee berry disease, coffee quality, coffee yields, cold climate creatures survive,  cold spellscold spells (Australia)colder waters  (Long Island)cold wave (India), cold water fishcold weather (world)cold winterscomputer models,conferencesconflictconflict with Russia,  consumers foot the bill coral bleaching, coral fish suffercoral reefs dyingcoral reefs grow, coral reefs shrinkcoral reefs twilight, corn fungus, corn ethanol,  corn yields suffer cost of trillions, costs to fight wildfires to skyrocket,  cotton yields reduced by 80%cougar attackscrabgrass menace cradle of civilisation threatenedcreatures move uphill,  credit ratings,  crime increasecrocodile sex, crocodiles driven from watercrops devastatedcrop failures increasecross-breedingcrumbling roads, buildings and sewage systemscryptococcal diseasecurriculum change,  cyclones (Australia),   


damselflies forced back to UKdanger to kid’s healthDarfur,dark humour,  Dartford Warbler plague,  daylight increase, deadly pollutants from glaciers,  deadly virus outbreaksdeath rate increase (US), death rate dropdeaths to reach 6 million, decades of progress at risk, deep ocean current slowdown,  Dengue hemorrhagic feverdepressiondesert advance,  desert retreat,  destruction of the environment,   dig sites threatened,  disastersdiseases move northdiving reefs closed


dog disease,  Dominican Republic threatened,  dozen deadly diseases – or notdrinking waterdrought,  drunken trees,  ducks and geese declinedust bowl in the corn beltdust doubles,  


earlier pollen season,  earth changing shape, Earth axis tiltEarth biodiversity crisisEarth crumblingEarth dyingEarth even hotterEarth light dimming,Earth lopsided, Earth meltingEarth morbid feverEarth on fast trackEarth past point of no returnEarth slowing down,  Earth spins faster, Earth to explode, earth upside down,  earthquakesearthquakes redux El Niño intensification, El Nino worse,  end of the world as we know iterosionemerging infectionsencephalitis, English villages lostequality threatenedEurope simultaneously baking and freezing,  eutrophicationEverest avalanche, everyplace hit hardestexpansion of university climate groups


extinctions (apeshuman,civilisation, koalaslizards logicInuitsmallest butterflycod,  penguinspikaspolarbears,   possums,  walrus,  tigers,  toadsturtles pandas,  penguinsplantsladybirdsrhinocerossalmontrout,  wild flowerswoodlice,  a million specieshalf of all animal and plant speciesmountain species,  not polar bearsbarrier reefleachessalamanders, terns,  tropical insectsflowersexperts muzzledextreme changes to California


factory fire, fading fall foliage,  famine, farmers benefitfarmers go underfarm output boostfarming soil decline,  fashion disasterfeverfigurehead sackedfir cone bonanzafires fanned in Nepal, fish becoming recklessfish biggerfish catches dropfish downsize,   fish deaf,  fish feminisedfish get lostfish head north, fish lose their minds,  fish lopsidedfish shrinking,  fish stocks at riskfish stocks decline, fish stunted growthfive million illnessesflesh eating diseaseflies on Everestflood patterns changefloods floods of beaches and citiesflood of migrants, flood preparation for crisisflora dispersedFlorida economic decline, too hot for flowers to surviveflowers wiltflying squirrels move up


fog increase in San Franciscofog decrease in San Franciscofood poisoningfood prices risefood prices soarfood production increased,  food safety affectedfood security threat (SA), food supplyfootball team migration,   forest declineforest expansionfoundations threatenedfoundations increase grants, fresh produce at risk, frog voices change,  frog with extra headsfrostsfrostbitefrost damage increased,  fungi fruitfulfungi invasionfungi rot the world,


games changeGarden of Eden wiltsgeese decline in Hampshiregenetic changesgenetic diversity decline, gene pools slashedgeysers imperiled, giant icebergs (Australia)giant icebergs (Arctic)giant oysters invade,  giant pythons invadegiant squid migrategingerbread houses collapseglacial earthquakesglacial retreat,   glacier grows (California)glaciers on Snowdenglacier wrapped,glass meltsglobal cooling,  glowing clouds,   golf course to drowngolf Masters wrecked


grain output drop (China)grain output stagnating (India)grandstanding,grasslands wettergravity shift,  Great Barrier Reef 95% dead,  great tits copegreening of the North,  Grey whales lose weight, guacamoleGulf Stream failure


habitat losshaggis threatenedHantavirus pulmonary syndrome,  harvest increaseharvest shrinkagehay fever epidemichealth affectedhealth of children harmedhealth riskshealth risks (even more)heart deathsheart disease, heart attacks and strokes (Australia)heat waves, hedgehogs bald, herbs endangeredhibernation affected,   hibernation ends too soonhibernation ends too late,  historic landmarks imperilledHIV risk increased


homeless 50 millionhome runs, honey, Hong Kong water taste hornets,  human development faces unprecedented reversalhuman fertility reducedhuman health riskhuman race oblivion,human rights violationshurricanes,  hurricane reductionhurricanes fewerhurricanes more intensehurricanes not,  hydropower problemshyperthermia deathshyphthermia deaths


ice age, ice hockey extinctice sheet growthice sheet shrinkage, icebergsice sheet tipping point,  illegal immigrationillness and deathinclement weatherIndia drowninginfrastructure failure (Canada),  indigestionindustry threatenedinfectious diseases,  inflation in China, insect explosion, insect invasion,insurance premium risesInuit displacement, Inuit health decline,  Inuit poisonedInuit suing invasion of alien worms, invasion of Antarctic aliens,  invasion of Asian carpinvasion of cane toadsinvasion of caterpillars,  invasion of cats,  invasion of crabgrassinvasion of heronsinvasion of jellyfishinvasion of king crabsinvasion of lampreysinvasion of midgesinvasion of pine beetlesinvasion of rats (China)invasion of slugs, invasive species thriveIreland will turn brown,  island disappearsislands sinkingItaly robbed of pastaitchier poison ivy


Japan’s cherry blossom threatened, Japanese war dead disturbed,  jellyfish explosionjets fall from sky,  


Kew Gardens taxedkidnapping of 200 Nigerian schoolgirlskidney stoneskiller cornflakeskilling uskitten boomKittiwakes, koalas leaves inediblekoalas under threatkrill decline


lake emptieslake shrinking and growinglandslideslandslides of ice at 140 mphlarge trees declinelawsuits increaselawsuit successful, lawyers’ income increased (surprise surprise!),  lawyers want morelegionnaires’ surge,  less nutritious food lives lostlizards super intelligentlives savedlobsters grow,  


lobster cannibalismLoch Ness monster dead, locust plagues suppressedlow oxygen zones threaten sea lifelush growth in rain forests,  Lyme disease


Major vegetation shifts,  Malaria,   Malaria decline, Malaria increasemalnutrition, mammoth dung meltmammoth ivory bonanzamanatees battlemango harvest failsMaple production advanced, maple syrup productionMaple syrup shortage, marathons contribute to global warming,  marmots fatter,marine diseases, marine food chain decimated, marine national parks threatened,


Meaching (end of the world)Meat eating to stopMediterranean risesmegacryometeorsMelanomaMelanoma declinemental health declinemental illnessmethane emissions from plantsmethane burps, methane runawaymelting permafrostMexican climate migrant floodMiddle Kingdom convulsesmigration,  migratory birds huge lossesmicrobes to decompose soil carbon more rapidlymilk production lost, milk shortagesminorities hit, 


monkeys at riskmonkeys on the moveMont Blanc growsmonuments imperiledmoose dyingmoose going baldmore bad air days,   more research neededmortality increased, mosquitoes adapting,  mosquitoes increasing,  Mount Everest riskiermountain (Everest) shrinking,  mountaineers fears,  mountains break upmountains green and flowering,   mountains tallermortality lowerMubarak fall,  mudslides in Washington,  murder rate increase,  musk ox declineMyanmar cyclone


narwhals at risknarwhals suffocateNational Parks damagedNational security implicationsnative wildlife overwhelmed,natural disasters  quadrupleneurological diseases,  new islands,  New Orleans threatenednext ice ageNFL threatenedNile delta damaged


noctilucent cloudsno effect in IndiaNorthwest Passage openednuclear plants bloom


oaks dying,  oaks move north obesityoblivionocean acidificationocean acidification fasterocean dead spotsocean dead zones unleashedocean deserts expandocean salt extremesocean oxygen crisis,  ocean waves speed up,  Olympic Games to endopera house to be destroyedoutdoor hockey threatened,   owls turn brownoxygen depletion zonesoyster herpesozone repair slowed, ozone rise


pandaspeanut butterpeat bogs problempeat bogs no problempenguin chicks frozen,  penguin chicks killed by rain and heatpenguin chicks smallerpenguins in the darkpenguin populations devastatedpenguins replaced by jellyfish, penguins sex lives affected, permafrost meltingpersonal carbon rationingpest outbreakspests increasepets in dangerphenology shifts, Phillipine beaches,  


pines declinepirate population decreasepirates run rampantplankton blooms,   plankton plummeting,plankton wiped outplants lose proteinplants march northplants move uphill  polar bears aggressivepolar bears cannibalisticpolar bears deaf,  polar bears drowning,  polar bears fewer cubs,  polar tours scrappedpolar vortex and California drought,  pollen – record levels, pollination halved, poor hit the hardest,  poor screwed overporpoise astray, potatoesprofits collapsepsychiatric illness psychological effects,  puffin decline, pushes poor women into prostitution


rabid bats,  radars taken out, rail network threatened,  railroad tracks deformedrainfall increaserainforest destruction,  rape increaserape wave, rat kangaroos threatened,  refugeesreindeer endangeredreindeer largerrelease of ancient frozen virusesresorts disappearrespiratory diseases worsen,   rice less fragrantrice production fallrice threatened, rice yields crash,  rift on Capitol Hillrioting and nuclear war,   river flow impactedriver reroutedrivers raised


road accidentsroads wear outrobins rampant,  rocky peaks crack apartroof of the world a desert, rooftop barsRoss river diseaseRussia under pressure


salinity reductionsalinity increase,  Salmonella,  salmon stronger, sardine run unpredictablesatellites accelerateSchmallenberg virus,  school closures, school spiritsea level risesea level rise fastersea snot, sea turtle migrationseals mating moreseismic activitysewer bills risesevere thunderstormssex changesexual dysfunction sexual promiscuity shark attackssharks boomingsharks hybridisesharks moving northsheep change coloursheep shrinkshop closuresshort-nosed dogs endangered,  shrimp sex problemsshrinking pondsshrinking sheep shrinking shrineSidney Opera House wiped outski resorts threatenedslaveryskinks impactedslow death smaller brains,  smog,


snail shells,  snowfall decrease, snowfall increasesnowfall heavy snow thicker,   soaring food pricessocietal collapsesoil changesoil subsidencesongbirds change eating habitssour grapessoybean crop to dropspace junk increasespace problemspectacular orchidsspider danger in UKspider bites to increasespiders getting biggerspiders invade Scotland,  squid aggressive giantssquid largersquid population explosion,squid tamedsquirrels reproduce earlier, starfish losing armsstarfish sperm eaten by parasites, Statue of Liberty, stingray invasion, stone fruit threatened,  storm damage costs risestorms wetter,  stratospheric coolingstreet crime to increase,  strengthens pests-weakens crops,  subsidence, sugar canesuicidesunset displaced,  swordfish in the Baltic


Tabasco tragedytaxestea flavour change, tea shortagestectonic plate movementteenage prostitution,  terrible foodterrorists (India), terrorism increasethatched cottages at riskthreat to peaceticks move northward (Sweden)tides risetigers eat peopletigers drown, Titanic sinking,


tomatoes rottornado outbreak tornado season delaytourism increase, toxic bacteriatoxic seaweed,  trade barriers, trade winds weakenedtraffic jams,  transport snarltransportation threatenedtree foliage increase (UK),  tree growth slowedtree growth fastertrees grow too fasttrees in troubletrees less colourful,  trees more colourfultrees lushtrees on Antarcticatreelines change,tropics expansiontropopause raisedtruffle shortagetruffles down truffles increase, tunaturtles crashturtle feminisedturtles lay earlier


UFO sightingsUK coastal impactUK Katrina,  


vampire bats,  Venice flooded,  volcanic eruptionsvolcanoes awakened in Iceland,  


walnuts threatenedwalrus pups orphaned,  walrus stampede,  walruses come ashorewars over waterwars sparkedwars threaten billionswaspswater bills double,   water shortage to increase vegetarianismwave of natural disasters, waves bigger,  waves smaller


weather out of its mindweather patterns awryweather patterns last longerWestern aid cancelled out,  West Nile fever whale beachingswhales lose weight,whales move north,  whales wiped out, wheat crops worldwidewheat rust epidemics in UK, wheat rust in Syria, wheat yields crushed in Australia,  


wild boars thrivewildfires, wildfires worsen,   wind shiftwind reduced, winds strongerwinds weaker,  wine – Australian baked, , wine industry damage (California) wine industry disaster (US) wine – more Englishwine – no more French wine –  England too hot,wine -German boon,  wine passé (Napa)wine – Scotland best,  wine strongerwinters in Britain colderwinter in Britain dead,  Winter Olympics, Wisconsin crops,  witchcraft executions wolverine declinewolverines vanishwolves eat more moosewolves eat less,  women become prostituteswomen cheat on vacation, women hit hardestworkers laid offWorld at warworld heritage sites, World War 4,  


Yellow feverYouth anxiety, youth suicide


zebra mussel threatzoonotic diseases.

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21 Comments on “Updated list of things caused by global warming”

  1. sandcanyongal March 8, 2014 at 5:40 pm #

    This is for the greenhouse gas challenged. http://www.epa.gov/climatestudents/basics/today/greenhouse-effect.html

  2. sandcanyongal March 8, 2014 at 5:51 pm #

    I agree 100% with WCFN. Yet the oil, gas and a long line of groups continue to raise the flag of profits first. I realize I use links frequently to explain my views. Here are more. It’s a piece about Apple and their CEO that makes me proud they’re out there. Al Gore is on their Board and he was the target of a far right group. The investors were too sophisticated for their antics.

    Here it is:

  3. sandcanyongal March 8, 2014 at 6:01 pm #

    The best site ever developed by mountaineers that show befores and afters of glaciers in the Himalayas.
    See Mt. Everest Base Camp close up. Use your mouse to pan in. The resolution is amazing! http://explore.glacierworks.org/en/#trek/everest-base-camp

  4. sandcanyongal March 8, 2014 at 6:04 pm #

    Message in a Bottle – found on the Canadian border: http://www.weather.com/news/science/environment/message-bottle-global-warming-20131220

    • Donna Quixote March 8, 2014 at 7:10 pm #

      233 feet in 50 years, during the end of an ice age is not alarming at all. That’s less than 5 feet a year.

  5. Maggie @ Coral Bradford March 10, 2014 at 9:04 am #

    Blimey, this is a crazy list. Thanks for updating it, a real eye opener

    • Donna Quixote March 10, 2014 at 10:21 am #

      And the number of contradictions are wild. Bigger waves, smaller waves, etc. It’s all just nuts.

  6. Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB) March 25, 2014 at 1:59 pm #

    As somebody who has written about these same global warming hypocrisies (http://tinyurl.com/psfqkax) may i suggest that somebody archive these links in PDF format because many of the links in the original webpage (http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/warmlist.htm) have since disappeared from the web.

    • Donna Quixote March 25, 2014 at 2:09 pm #

      That’s a good idea. I will look at doing that sometime when I have about 48 hours. :).

      No seriously, that is a good idea. I will try to get that done.

  7. Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB) March 28, 2014 at 8:48 am #

    Reblogged this on Illuminutti.

  8. Henno Heitur April 9, 2014 at 4:03 pm #

    Farming in the arctic and a longer growing season. That’s a bonus. No more low lying island disputes. Growing bananas in Idaho. Northern shipping lanes open up. Easier to be homeless in winter. Increase in inland real estate value…

  9. zenga April 28, 2014 at 7:51 am #

    you missed increased HIV infection from the article on “pushes poor women into prostitution”. i’m startled that no one has thought up a Q or X word, yet, that can be blamed on AGW.

    • Donna Quixote April 28, 2014 at 7:53 am #

      🙂 I am working daily to revise this list. I will include that in the next revision. Thanks.

      • Floyd June 21, 2014 at 11:41 pm #

        Include in your next update; I’ve noticed that with global warming my angle of attack has gone from about 20 degrees above the horizontal to 15 degrees. It must be global warming.

  10. Bob Gold April 28, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    Positives from global warming.

    • Donna Quixote April 28, 2014 at 10:24 am #

      Good luck in trying to get any Climate alarmist or hysteria-driven media to EVER say anything about the positive side effects of a warmer planet.

  11. sandcanyongal May 13, 2014 at 6:02 pm #

    As the U.S. weather continues to warm northerly, the bark beetle is also destroying forests. Our friends who have a ranch in Idyllwild, CA (in the mountains above Palm Springs, CA) the bark beetles took hold and this once beatiful mountain community lost a significant number of their pines. As the planet continues to heat by the end of this century it’s expected for the temperatures to rise 1.8-4 degrees C or around 2.5 – 7 degrees F. The bark beetles destroy forests. For a peek google bark beetles and click on images. Shocking.

    This is a study that explains in readable terms what to expect for the Western U.S. and Canada. Click on the pdf icon on the right.

  12. Brad R July 7, 2014 at 10:43 am #

    Here’s another:

    Climate change could make red hair a thing of the past if Scotland gets sunnier

  13. (genie81) October 6, 2014 at 9:55 pm #

    Why is it that authorities claim that the Arctic is melting, that we have had the hottest day in years, etc? It seems that they do not look back at previous data showing in early times heat extreme and today now blamed on modern day living with cars industry etc. non existent previously. They use only what supports their theory.

  14. albrip April 16, 2019 at 4:05 pm #

    This list is fantastic. Please add this:

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